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  • The Dreamcatcher Scarf in Winter Grey and Blues

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    The Winter Blues can be spectacular.

    With over a foot of luscious fringe, this chunky infinity scarf will top off all of your fall outerwear! Due to it's silhouette, we call this one the Dreamcatcher Scarf! You can wear this piece without worrying if it will fall off. You wrap it around twice and put it over your head. The fringe falls into place and you just go.

    It is fall right now so layers are key. 55 degrees in the morning, 75 by the afternoon and 49 in the evening. Our scarves are made in New Hampshire aka The Tundra aka Our Cold Makes Grown Men Cry. You will be able to wear this in the fall and throughout the winter.

    Understated colors add to the distinctly bohemian vibe of this scarf. It's a great textured piece on trend for Fall/Winter 2018. This scarf is perfect as an oversized layering piece. The fringe is an updated look with a bold new proportion. It will look stunning on a sweater dress and boots. 

    The fringe is from a vintage collection and we have a limited supply. We have enough to make about 25 Dreamcatcher Scarves all together. We are making them in various colors and there is no guarantee a particular color scheme will be available once it is sold. We pride ourselves on creating crocheted items not found anywhere else. Our pieces are not for everyone and our Dreamcatcher Scarf is a testament to that.