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Rust and Tweed Plaid


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There is no other scarf perfect for winter than a Black Pearl Creations' Plaid Infinity Scarf.

The rust pops with the tweed hand crocheted fabric. The plaid is a distinctive pattern and goes with many warm tones in coats and jackets 

These scarves are created in New Hampshire, where we average 6 feet of snow a year. They will keep you warm. Trust us.

Our plaid scarves are so rustic looking and warm that they will become your go-to accessory for all of fall and winter. (And if you're in New England: especially for March)!

These plaid scarves are made from a wool blend and these are easily the warmest scarves that I create. Once you try it on, you won't want to take it off!

Take care of your pretty with hand washing in cool water and laying flat to dry.