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  • Red Green and Tan Plaid Infinity

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    Face it, tan trench coats are boring. And wet. And definitely not soft to the skin. They're hard and add to the chill that gets in your bones.

    When I tell you that I've been dying to create this scarf, I mean it. It took me a few weeks just to finally decide on the black. I was going to use a tan for the crocheted part but thought that too much tan would wash out the plaid. I honestly give a lot of time and thought into patterns, colors and style for every single piece I create.

    This plaid is probably one of the more popular color combinations out there so while everyone may have the regular scarf, only a few will have my interpretation of it.

    I enjoy making these one of a kind pieces. There's nothing like knowing no one else has what you have!

    We're still in winter in unbelievable temps; this scarf will keep you warm and cute while doing it! These are made from a wool blend and are easily the warmest scarves that we create! Once you try it on, you won't want to take it off! 

    Take care of your pretty with hand washing in cool water and laying flat to dry. 

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