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  • Neutral Plaid Infinity #2

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    Neutral does not have to mean boring and drab. I know, I know, you hear that all of the time. But just imagine this scarf against a red trench coat or a yellow raincoat to add texture against the smooth vinyl.

    Can you see it?

    I admit, I'm not a brown/beige/neutral type of girl. I love bold, bright colors but this set of neutral scarves I created here?!

    This checkered print brings a touch of pop culture to more traditional coats and outerwear.

    Let me lay this out for you: simple, trendy and on point. Tailored pants, blouse, a pair of buckled boots and a peacoat.

    The tonal shades make it easy to makes these scarves your go to for all of fall and winter. (And if you're in New England: especially for March)!

    These plaid scarves are made from a wool blend and these are easily the warmest scarves that I create. Once you try it on, you won't want to take it off! 

    Take care of your pretty with hand washing in cool water and laying flat to dry.