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  • Neutral Plaid Infinity #3

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    I admit, I'm not a brown/beige/neutral type of girl. I love bold, bright colors but this set of neutral scarves I created here?! Straight fire!

    Let me lay this out for you: simple, trendy and on point. Tailored pants, blouse, a pair of buckled boots and a peacoat. 

    Neutral does not have to mean boring and drab. Imagine this scarf against a red trench coat or a yellow raincoat to add texture against the smooth vinyl.

    The tonal shades make it easy to makes these scarves your go to for all of fall and winter. (And if you're in New England: especially for March)!

    These plaid scarves are made from a wool blend and these are easily the warmest scarves that I create. Once you try it on, you won't want to take it off! 

    Take care of your pretty with hand washing in cool water and laying flat to dry.