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Mustard Gold Plaid Infinity


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Having grown up in the United Kingdom I love Tartan. This one resembles the tartan from Cape Breton in Canada. In the UK, tartan is the name of the pattern and plaid is the name of a tartan patterned piece of wool worn over the shoulder with kilts and other Scottish traditional costumes. 

Mustard yellow, navy blue, forest green and snow white combine to make a scarf that, even though not neutral in the traditional sense, can be worn with just about everything!

I don't plan on buying anymore of this fabric. There is only one plaid scarf in this color combination. I also have this plaid with red available.

(I really want to find a mustard colored trench coat right now) But.....a navy peacoat!!!! That would be fabulous for those fall evenings out! 

To take care of this pretty: hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.