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  • Jewel Tone Blanket Scarf

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    Blanket Scarves are the trend for Spring 2016! Many of them are plaid but look the same.  Using a retro inspiring stitch and colorful fiber,  a Black Pearl blanket scarf will stand out!

    A luscious blend of jewel tones make up this scarf. 

    The most popular style,  the Western (shown) is a simple, but bold, style to attain.

    Black Pearl's blanket scarves are made from luxury fibers such as Swedish wool, Japanese silk and ethically sourced cotton. Completely hand crocheted,  they take several days to make. Due to the variations in the fiber,  no two scarves are exactly the same.  I mix colors to add an extra dimension in color. These are truly one of a kind masterpieces.  

    This scarf is blocked out to 30" deep and 60" wide. 

    When you see the one you want,  buy it quickly.  The Blanket Scarf you see today may be gone tomorrow.  

    Hand wash with minimal agitation in cool water. Gently squeeze in a towel and lay flat to dry.