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  • Jamaican Oversized Sweater/Kimono

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    Lovely sea breezes and reggae music is just on part of Jamaica! It's history, culture and food make it the visit of a lifetime! When not basking in the Jamaican sun, you can wear her colors in our Jamaican sweater. Use it as inspiration for a future trip or to think back on one you have already taken!

    The colors on the piece of Caribbean clothing are vibrant and will get you noticed! Made of Egyptian cotton, the wind will flow right through it keeping you cool on the hottest of days. 

    *Please allow up to 2 weeks for creation. Thank you for understanding this is a handmade item with 1,000s of crochet stitches, not including assembly.*

    I'm 5 feet, 4.5 inches. As you can see the sweater comes down on the back.  It is not a structured garment and is suitable to many body types. One size fits most.


    Being a hippie is more than wearing fringe or bellbottoms. It's an attitude, a lifestyle. 

    It's a lifestyle of expressing yourself,  of demanding without fear of consequences. Consequences come in many forms: fired from a job, business declines,  etc.  

    I'm a black woman who owns a business.  I'm a black woman who owns a business who has a 21 year old son.  I refuse to remain silent while my son and other young black men are considered targets in this country.  Black Lives Do Matter.  But not to the exclusion that other groups don't. Jamaica was brutalized when Christopher Columbus and his men arrived. Black lives has always mattered and the violence started over 400 years ago!

    I encourage you to stand with Black Pearl Creations as we take more action in our community.  Support black businesses.  Support that fact that NO ONE should be killed "just because". Contact your local police and tell them NO MORE! Stand for equal justice! 

    Thank you to those who choose to stand with me.