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  • Extra Large American Flag Scarf

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    As you can see from the photos, this extra large American Flag Scarf is very versatile! The Western style is very popular but you can also wear it as the following on a holiday weekend:

    * In the morning, wear it as a wrap on your shoulders.

    * After swimming, wear as a sarong.

    * During fireworks or evening cookouts, wear as a blanket scarf in the Western style mentioned above.

    Measuring 80" wide by 34" inches deep and made from Italian silk and wool, it's a breathable fabric. 

    Black Pearl's blanket scarves are made from luxury fibers such as Swedish wool, Japanese silk or, like this July 4th scarf, they are made from Italian silk and wool. and ethically sourced cotton. Completely hand crocheted, all of our America Scarves take several days to make. These are truly one of a kind masterpieces.  

    Hand wash with minimal agitation in cool water. Gently squeeze in a towel and lay flat to dry.

    *Due to the nature of the yarn, this is the only scarf available! You know how it is at Black Pearl: when you see a pretty you love, buy it because the pretty you love today may be gone tomorrow!*