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  • Ethnic Print Crochet Top Maxi Dress

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    The first of summer dresses made by Black Pearl Creations. Maxi dresses have been the trend for the last couple of years. Many designers have incorporated crochet into their work. Black Pearl Creations has been designing and crocheting contemporary items for many years. It is no surprise that our own take on the Maxi Dress turned out stunning!

    Show up and show out at the cookout,  cruise,  vacation, and of course: Carnival! 

    The top is made from 100% cotton for a comfortable feel in the lazy days of summer. 

    *   Breastbone: 30 inches around
    *   Breastbone to bottom of dress: 40 inches
    *   Hip to hip: 21 inches (12 inches from breastbone) 
    *   Halter: 14 inches end to end with 1 inch opening in the middle. 

    I would classify this maxi dress as a large size

    Wash gently in cool water. Gently squeeze, roll in towel and lay flat to dry.